What good is a company that will not stand behind its work or products?

You really do get what you pay for.

If you like our service please tell your family and friends.

If not, tell us and I will make it right no matter what it takes!

Our Chimney Sweeping service is 100 % guaranteed, no mess, no soot, EVER or the job is free, not including hidden defects, hidden ash traps.

Chimney caps are guaranteed FOREVER even if you sell your house, the wind blows it off, a tree falls on it, little green men take it, just let us know and we will reinstall or replace it at no cost to you, one time only, (Chimney must be in good shape to re apply caps) replacement of dented caps ok, so long as they still function. (extra cost may apply to access the chimney top with scaffolding or cherry picker).

Ventinox Chimney Liners come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, 10 year transferrable.

Smoke Tite comes with a manufacturer’s Life time warranty

Heat Shield comes with a manufacturer’s 20 year warranty