Video Scan Links

Here are some Video Scans of Fireplaces and Heating flues, the only info on the links are the Date and Invoice Number (plus the narrative of the video)

Why do we Video Scan a chimney flue? In a nut shell “to show us hazards and issues we can’t see”.
With the video what can we see?
• Gaps between flue tiles
• Cracks in the flue tiles
• Staggered flue tiles
• Changes in direction of the flue tile
• Soot build up
• How and if we can correct these issues

“But it’s been working fine all these years, what can happen”
Several things
• Any place air, soot, heat, spark and flame can get out of the flue is not good and can cause a fire, or Carbon Monoxide into the home
• There is the “Cracked Straw Syndrome” you’ve drank soda through a straw, works fine, but when it has a crack it can be nearly impossible, same with a chimney draft, it needs that “pull” of air up to exhaust the by products of combustion up the chimney properly and to have adequate Combustion Air for the fireplace or Heating appliance to work correctly.
• To see if the inside has “holes” from past Installs (a wood stove, an old heater, kitchen exhaust fan was installed years ago and they just left a hole in the chimney)
• Creosote build up that can cause a fire
• “Cement Snots” These are globs of cement that dropped down or where left during original construction (or repairs) that can act as a blockage, and or cause turbulence and slow the draft.

Here is a fireplace flue that has a Lighting rod ground cable running through it?

Here we found an old Pipe in the flue about 10′ down, Can this catch fire? Get smoke in the wall? Carbon Monoxide?