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Most customers are surprised by how quickly we return their calls or E-mails, because this is our home office. Once an appointment is made, we are on time or in most cases early and if we do run late, we call to let you know when we will be arriving, as it should be.

We did CBS 2 News “John do my job” where CBS 2 Weather man John Elliot came out and “did my job”

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And since I no long advertise with Angie’s List they will not award any more Super Service awards, even when I have still won them every year…funny isn’t it?

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Here is what customers are saying about us.


Mr. Ball, a note to say thank  you for the services your company provided to our home,  in Stamford.

Your employee, your step son, is a credit to your company, very professional, knowledgeable and very polite and if I may, a great personality.

I asked him to share with you to have your company place us on an annual inspection. I say this because of how you conduct your business and both my wife Terry and I are most comfortable with your services.

Again, we thank you and your staff for your services and look forward to a continued relationship.

My best to you and your staff for a Happy and Safe New Year.

Respectfully, Thomas


You team is very professional and knowledgeable… I plan to continue to do business with you guys in the future.
Thanks – Sean

12/27/16 Hi James, Rich just finished and I had to let you know how how polite, hardworking, and kind he was! You’re lucky to have him!!! I would recommend your company to anyone!! In fact, I just emailed my property manager to ask if she would like a name to send along to people when they ask her. Rich was amazing and I could not be any more pleased with the work he did.

Thank you,
Jen Stamford, CT

12/16/16 (I pretended to pull a small piece of Red Felt (with some “soot” on it) out of the fireplace in front of the customers daughter and this is what she wrote back to me

“Oh- and my 7 year old, who has been questioning Santa’s existence this year, has restored her faith in the magic of Christmas!  She took the little piece of Santa’s jacket with her to school as proof for her non-believing friends. Thank you for that little “extra!” also appreciated how accommodating you were on such short notice and that you didn’t charge us for a whole bunch of nonsense that wasn’t necessary.

Warm wishes,  Trudy, Stamford, CT


Dear James,
It was a true pleasure speaking and learning from you today.  I appreciate how patient you were with me, answering my questions and deeply explaining the ins-and-out about our fireplaces and dryer vent.  I am new to this work and this area.  I have been on steep learning curve in terms of home repairs and maintenance.  Not many contractors are as thorough and experienced as you seem to be.
I want to fix the priority and unsafe items.  I have three children.  Two people here have asthma problems and so clean air and flow is important.  I will share this with my husband.  I will get back to you early next week.   I have to go out of town for a wedding this weekend.
Be well,
Brenda, Weston, CT


Hey James,

We want to also send our thanks to you and your guys.  Out of the contractors we have had to deal with thus far, you guys have been the only ones completely upfront, on time, and everything done right the first time.  We have not found any issues that we have had to come back to you for and you have always been quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had.  You would think this is common in a customer facing/dependant service, however you all have been the only ones who did what you said you would do, when you said you would do it.

Thank you guys!  We will recommend you to anyone we hear needing your services!

Dustin and Glenda  Stamford, CT


“Just wish to tell you what a pleasure it was working with you.  Rich is a very impressive young man.  He explained everything to me,  he was professional, polite, knowledgeable, and left no MESS.  What an unexpected experience. I will be recommending you to all of my friends and family.”

Thank you,
Brenda from New Canaan, CT


James, I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the terrific job you guys did for us today.  From setting up the appointment to signing the invoice, the experience was convenient, painless and, in the end, a tremendous value. Your website is very informative and it was reassuring to see your extensive set of credentials. Setting up the appointment was very easy and your follow-up e-mail confirming the appointment, the potential services and business policies was very helpful – communication is key to a positive experience.  The technicians showed up right on time – that barely ever happens with other services. Despite the messy nature of the work, they were meticulous in ensuring that the house was left spotless.  I found it particularly helpful that they shared the before and after pictures of the flue.  I never would have believed so much build-up could have occurred in such a short period of time. Overall, they were very courteous and professional. We frequently see stories about folks getting scammed by fly-by-night companies.  In the last three weeks, I have received three separate unsolicited calls from “chimney cleaning companies”.  It is great to know that you guys are the “real deal”.  Please advise if there is anything I can do to recommend your company (other than the obvious of telling friends – which I will do).  BBB? Angie’s List?, etc. Thanks for everything! Keep up the good work.
Ed, New Canaan, CT

4/22/15  I wanted to say is how much I appreciate you and your colleagues, especially the marvelous Richie. I think the work you did was extremely professional, and certainly quite dangerous, given the heights involved and the bitter cold, often windy conditions.  I admire and appreciated very much the timeliness with which you conduct your business. You were always here when you said you would be, and the work you did was briskly efficient. I believe Richie is a huge asset to your business, he is personable, informed and communicates so well the mysterious workings and failings of the zones he is dealing with.

With many thanks, Melissa, Darien, CT


Thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to stop by and consult especially on such short notice.
Your advice and recommendations were spot on and I very much appreciated the time and detail that you went into with your explanations of what we need to do to correct our chimney problems.
I will be contacting your mason and liner contractors for the work you proposed to make the fireplace and chimney safe and we will use your services for the lock cap and chimney cap when it suits your schedule.
It is obvious that you are a true professional who not only takes great care and pride in his work, but you are deeply concerned for your clients and potential clients as well.
You have my highest recommendation.
My Sincere Thanks,
Nolan, Stamford, CT


Hello, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with Rich and Dan (hope I got their
names right).  They were fantastic and I am OVERJOYED to report I have
successfully dried four loads of laundry.  I still had in the back of my mind I
would have to restart the dryer but much to my delight, the clothes were dry
with one cycle!  Imagine that, right?  Why I waited so long is beyond me.  

Let’s go ahead and coordinate calendars for the chimney sweep too.  No urgency,
but would like to get it done before the winter months are upon us.  

Thanks again for what I can only say was exceptional service.  

Reenee Stamford, CT


Hello James,
Rich just left and I wanted to waste no time to tell you that (as expected) I was very impressed and pleased with him. I know I can trust you and this means that I know I can trust anybody you send to our house. But since you weren’t there and this was the first time I met Rich I wanted to tell you how well he did.
First of all, he didn’t even step into the house without having thoroughly wiped his shoes on his blanket first. Most people just walk in. You lay down blankets, of course and very few people take off their shoes, but that’s not possible in your line of work. When he checked the dryer went from the outside, he suggested to walk around the house so he can wipe his shoes again rather than walking straight back into the room with showy shoes. I didn’t say anything, it was his idea.
Although this kind of consideration is standard procedure for you, I am mentioning it because I want you to know that I REALLY appreciate it.
As you know he took a thorough look at everything and commented on everything so I could get a feeling for the situation of what was working well and what issues need to be addressed. Of course I have no expertise whatesoever on the subject of chimneys, heating and such, but I could feel that he knew what he was doing. I can tell if someone is guessing and clueless or if he is confident, calm and knowledgable. And Rich is definitely the latter! I was tagging along because I’m always curious and interested in learning something. He explained everything very well and answered any and all questions of mine with patience and kindness. Naturally, we chatted amiably because he is just a really nice guy.
He told me you will contact me about the estimate soon but that we have to wait for the snow to pass for the actual work. Take your time.
I just wanted to give you a feedback on Rich’s performance right now because it was such a pleasent experience and people usually only contact folks when things went wrong. I know the actual work hasn’t been done yet but based on previous experiences with you I am confident that whatever you propose will be done professionally and carefully with respect and consideration for our possesions, privacy and safety.
I am grateful to be your customer. It is incredibly reasuring to know that we can trust people who work for us, especially in a field that is potentially dangerous and where we have no expertise ourselves.
Have a safe and happy rest of the winter.
All the best,
Constanze, Stamford, CT

10/31/13, Sorry, it’s been a busy week for me and it is only now that I’m writing to say thank you for sending Danny to clean my chimney and install a new dryer vent pipe.  He did a careful and caring job on both, clean and neat.  He is polite and well-spoken and is thoroughly professional.   You have an excellent employee in Danny; he did an impressive job.

I apologize for contacting you in your busy season and promise to contact you in late spring about another cleaning.
Meanwhile, I hope you have a good winter.
All best, Peggy from Stamford, CT

2/1/13 Thank you so much for the excellent job you did repairing my chimney. I was

impressed with your honesty, high quality work, promptness, and neatness. You
also did not increase your quote when significant extra work was encountered. I
would most enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone. 
Phillip Rye, NY


Team Ball arrived at my house 10AM; they left at 10:10 AM... and had done a thorough - THOROUGH - inspection of my property. I called them to sweep my chimney. Their verdict: it was "clean" (and I use the fireplace daily during the winter months). They next checked the furnace flue. Again, it was 'clean'. How much did they charge? Nothing! N.O.T.H.I.N.G. And they came from Stamford, CONNECTICUT; I live in lower Westchester County, N.Y.!!! Need a chimney sweep? These guys are IT!!!!!!!! Look no further. Run. Team Ball is IT!!!! John L. Pelham, NY


Like many other homeowners I waited for years to get my chimney cleaned.  Today your company came and accomplished that for me.  I must confess that I didn’t know exactly what it entailed but now that it is over I want to complement you for the service your provide.  The gentleman who came (Rich) could not have been more courteous, more informative, and was incredibly conscientious about what he was to do.  No dust, no dirt, no hassles.  You can be assured that I will be recommending your company to anyone asking me about getting their chimney cleaned.

Bob, Ardsley, NY


“I have to tell you, Richard was great!!! He was extremely thorough and really took the time to check and explain every thing.  Kelli Westport, CT


We used our firplace over Thanksgiving for the first time since you cleaned/lined it and Tony Femia rebuilt it. My husband exclaimed how much easier it was to light and it had a really good draw.  Regards, Holly from Stamford, CT


Dear Jim-

Thank you for these photos!  It is great to have these pictures of the finished work, particularly from this vantage point. We also want to thank you and Omar for your extra efforts to make this project look so great. You were able to solve the problem we brought to you with a “can do”, solutions-oriented approach, and went the extra mile to work with us, explaining every step along the way. The time you took to help us consider all our options was beyond the call of duty. Thank you again, and we are truly satisfied customers. We look forward to working with you again on other projects.

Sincerely, Cindy and John, Stamford, CT


Mr. Ball, Thank you again for going above and beyond when you performed my annual chimney maintenance.  I appreciate all your research and thoughts regarding how to resolve my current boiler problems.



Wait, did I just find one of the last remaining honest service people in town?  James, thanks for your visit today.  One never knows who is being let into the house when making a service call from an internet company, but after you left, I felt like inviting you back for dinner.  You assessed both chimneys – I was sure I was in for a bundle – telling me neither needed cleaning, you then went through the house and determined what areas needed attention and where you could help, but you left without insisting you do the work now and without giving me a bill for the time you were here.  Most importantly, you didn’t leave me feeling like I needed to get another expert in to confirm your findings.   It’s no small task to find someone offering service you can trust and feel comfortable with and in both cases, I found you and your assistant more than honorable and would be delighted to use your services again and offer a referral to anyone who asks.  Thank you.  Michael Pound Ridge, NY


James, I just wanted to thank you for making it out so quickly to repair my damper. After contacting a few different companies on my own I reached out and asked for recommendations and I’m glad I did. My friend Lee told me how pleased he was by the work you did down at Seaside Tavern. Aside from his sliders it was the best recommendation he has ever given me. I was impressed with how quickly you responded to my call and provided me with honest advice rather than trying to upsell me on services I may or may not need.  In addition, you were able to squeeze me in and come out quicker than anyone else(2 days later rather than 2-3 weeks). Thanks again for taking care of the repair and setting up a time to come sweep the Chimney. I will most definitely recommend your services to anyone who can utilize them.


Good morning, James!
Thanks for the estimate!  I’ll discuss it with my wife and get back to you.
Alan was excellent and I am sure he is a good ambassador for your company!
Thanks again!
Best regards,
Mike    South Salem, NY


James, thank you so very much for replacing the multi flue cap free of charge!  I was so happy to hear you guarantee your work.

Antoinette, Greenwich, CT


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the repairs you did on my chimney. Both you and your employee set my mind at ease with your professionalism, workmanship and that caring attitude as if it were your own house…I would definitely recommend anyone to consider using your services.


Trumbull, CT


James, the vent is working great.  The dryer is humming and all seems
good.  Thanks for doing such good work, it’s much appreciated.  If you
ever need a recommendation for another client don’t hesitate to
contact me. Happy New Year
Ethan,    Fairfield, CT


Hi James, Happy New Year!

just wanted to let you know how pleased Dirk and I were with the work you did on our chimney.  Steve was great – he worked quickly and cleanly, and showed us how to operate our new damper.  And the damper works beautifully – it is much easier to open and close than the old one!  Our living room is so much warmer than before, and I now believe we were getting a lot of cold air in through that old, rusty damper, even when it was closed properly.


I would definitely recommend working with James Ball. James is professional, hard working, punctual and a straight shooter.  Personally, I find those qualities very important when selecting a service provider.  I truly appreciated that he was on time each and every time we scheduled an appointment.  He went out of his way to accommodate my schedule.  More importantly however, I found that James was honest, fair and on overall good person.  I had a unique problem and James put an enormous amount of effort researching what we thought would be the best solution.  He did not try to “sell me”, but worked with me to try and solve my problem.  I will work with James again and recommend him to anyone that his services can apply to.


New Canaan, CT


A tremendous thank you for the time you spent with me on the telephone, even though I am outside your service area.  Using the information you provided about my chimney over the phone and via E-mail, and your tips on finding a qualified technician in my area, my chimney issues are now solved.


S. White
Woodstock, NY

I also volunteer as a Chimney Expert for ALL EXPERTS http://www.allexperts.com/ under Home improvements then to Chimneys & fireplaces.