Services: Sweeping Chimneys & Dryer Vents

Customer Service? Our reputation is built on trust, neat, clean work, listening to our customers, answering their questions, returning phone calls promptly, showing up for appointments on time, fair prices, our 100% cleanliness satisfaction guarantee. Being a certified chimney sweep with over 30 years of experience. We like to show a customer what is wrong so you can see first hand.

Here are just a few of the services we offer, if you don’t see something, just ask.

“Why can’t you just clean the chimney?” we get asked this all the time, just a “Simple Cleaning” might not be enough to remove all the Creosote or your chimney might have other issues and cost more than a simple cleaning and if  we did “just a simple cleaning” it would give you a false sense of security and is a disservice to you and a waste or your money. You called a professional who is giving you his best assessment of your chimney or vent, we are telling you “it is not safe to use” you are under no obligation to use us and please feel free to get another inspection, why would you take this kind of chance with your home and families safety? We will give you pricing and or referrals to put you in the right direction.

Inspections: See the next Tab Your Inspection to NFPA 211, basically we check to be sure your chimney or vent is in good shape and able to do its job correctly and safely. We do a NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) level one inspection on fireplace and heating flues.  This includes all readily accessible areas of the chimney and flue not requiring tools. Also, checking the condition, lack of obstructions or combustible deposits in flue, basic appliance installation and connection. The verification of suitability for continued service under the same conditions of use. Are there signs of water coming in, animal intrusion, blockages, smoke spillage, dangerous conditions, this is where being a Certified Chimney sweep with over 30 years of experience will help. We Recommended Level Two inspections on all vents and chimneys, Level Three inspections available

Here is a link the the CSIA’s web page for inspection levels and explanation

Broken Straw syndrome think of your chimney as a straw, if intact just like drinking a soda, it works perfectly, but trying to drink soda through a straw with a crack in it can be difficult at best, same thing with a chimney, if there are cracks, holes, gaps, spaces it will not draft as well as it should, we can help.

Fireplace Chimney Sweeping: We take great care to cover your floors and rugs with clean drop cloths and use a vacuum with Hepa filter designed for chimney cleaning. We remove the damper, clean the firebox and smoke chamber. Then completely brush the flue from the top down or the bottom up (cleaning from the bottom up will keep soot from getting past us and our equipment into your home).  We replace the damper and handle, reinspecting the system. We look for damage, improper construction, gaps and holes that could cause a fire to burn through the chimney into your home. We’ll even check for negative pressure (that can create smoky fireplaces, odors), water & animal . Most of all, we help educate our customers to use their units safely.

Oil or Gas: Heating boiler, furnace flues and hot water heaters are inspected for soot build up, blockages, missing or damaged flue tile, proper sizing, connector pipe integrity and any thing that can cause a back up of soot and deadly carbon monoxide into your home.

If your heating flue is dirty, the air going up the chimney is not moving as well as it could be and the boiler/furnace is working harder than it has to, to push the air up the chimney.  Cleaning a dirty chimney can improve the unit’s efficiency by up to 25% or more.  A blocked chimney can be deadly.

Chimney Relining: When we reline your chimney, it is to correct problems in your flue to make your chimney safer to vent the by-products of combustion which include, heat, moisture, sparks, soot, flame and carbon monoxide, safely out of your home and to improve efficiency. We use Ventinox Chimney Liners.

Heat Shield Cerfratory Flue Sealant this is a system that will re seal your flue from the inside, we put a foam rubber plug at the bottom, connected to a winch, pour in the Cerfractory product (like cement) then crack the plug up and the plug goes past cracks and voids the Cerfractoy product oozes into the cracks and voids and then the plug smooths the flue, this can be used for many reasons.

SmokTite: (see our Smoke Tite page for before and after pictures) we apply this to the smoke chamber of your fireplace (that should be parged smooth or cement covered) this is the area above the damper in a masonry chimney, it is a slurry type insulating ceramic cement mix that is sprayed on with a compressor and helps fill gaps and holes where a fire could burn through into the walls of the home.

Chamber Coat this is another smoke chamber repair system that we mix, is very sticky and we throw up into the smoke chamber and smooth out with trowels.

Caps Stainless Steel and Copper: We install caps for a number of reasons. They prevent rain, snow, leaves, sticks, debris, animals, from coming down your chimney and the screen helps contain sparks and floating embers from getting out the top of your chimney and burning through your roof.

Top Mount Damper Caps, Do you have smoke or cold air coming down your fireplace? These type of caps close off the air flow 99% air tight to stop this “negative pressure” issue

Paint & Peel, this is a product that we paint on and then peel off, it adheres to the soot that has built up on the face of the fireplace and “pulls it off”, it takes 1-2 days to dry and is very easy to remove, you can remove it and save your self the return charge for us to do it, or we can do that for you.

Dryer Vent Cleaning: We check for proper vent construction and connections.  Also, check for air flow in CFM (cubic feet per minute, minimum air flow should be 1500) and if the vent needs a cleaning we run a brush on a spring leader connected to flexible rods attached to a drill and spin the brush in and out of the vent.  All the while, our 3 motor HEPA vacuum is removing all the loosened lint, keeping your home lint free inside and out.

Fireplace Glass doors: We sell and install fireplace glass doors for added insulation, security with small children and pets, and they look great.

Chimney Water proofing: we use ChimSaver to help repel water and keep it from penetrating the masonry of your chimney.

Water Problems: Do you have a leak? In your roof, flashing, fireplace, water stains on a wall or ceiling? Let us know we might be able to help find it.

We even install All Fuel Stainless Steel chimneys, this home never had a chimney for the heat and hot water so we installed one, can also use these for wood stoves.