Heat Shield

Heat Shield http://www.cecurechimney.com/index.html The Heat Shield system is one for returning your flue’s to it’s original, safe, functioning, reliable condition, shy of a total rebuild of the chimney, saving you Thousands of dollars. After traveling to Richmond, IN we chose 3 systems we felt would help our customer’s, Heat Shield Cerfractory Joint repair/ Re surfacing, Chamber Coat and Chamber Foam.

Heat Shield is a ceramic, cement like product that has had extensive testing to surpass what it is indented for, it can be used for filling in missing Mortar Joints and then re surfacing the inside of the flue and filling in cracks and has a 20 year transferable warranty.

Here is a video I shot during training, the plug is set in the flue and Heat Shield is poured  in and as we crank it up it “oozes” out of all the gaps, filling in gaps and cracks, t his shows how it looks as it “oozes” out on the back side of the flue (you will never see this) but it seals the hole or gap smooth on the inside.

Heat Shield Video Demo http://youtu.be/amdNtGAgilw this shows how Heat Shield is applied

Heat Shield Joint Repair and Resurfacing as shown in the video after set up, the slurry mix oozes out of the missing joints and into cracks to re seal the chimney from the inside out and with a second pass the resurfacing will add an additional coat at about 1/8″-1/4″ it restore the flue to its original function and safety or better.

Here is a shot looking down of a flue that had the Heat Shield Joint Repair was done on

Here is a before

Here is the same flue after the Heat Shield application

Heat Shield CeCure Sleeve, includes a Ceramic insulation blanket with Stainless steel mesh into an unlined brick chimney adding structure and safety.

Chamber Coat is a moldable Cement type of mix that is Troweled or thrown in place in your Smoke Chamber to seal gaps and holes

Chamber Foam is Sprayed in the Smoke Chamber with a compressor and is smooth with a brush (can be used with Chamber Coat) for a more complete smoke chamber repair