Dryer Vents

We are Certified Dryer Vent Technicians

There are more Dryer Vent  fires in the US than chimney fires, over 15,000 a year, most people never think that it needs cleaning or maintenance, we can help with a quick look behind the dryer and an air flow check out side, all for free.

Some of the IRC Codes we follow, “transition pipe (flex) max 8′ long and not concealed with in construction”, No bird cages on dryer vents “Screens shall not be installed at the duct termination” Exhaust ducts shall terminate to the out side…”, “max run of 25′ less 5′ for every 90″, Air flow should be 1500 Cubic Feet of air Per Minute or above.

Here is a picture of a dryer vent that normally has a 4” diameter but has over 1” of build up of lint, (a 4” vent with ½” of build up reduces air flow by 44%) not only is this a dangerous fire hazard but it would take several hours to dry their cloths and was leaking water in the wall.

Here is why you can not install a Bird Cage on the out side of a dryer vent

Here is a Plastic vent, 100% clogged run in the bottom of a kitchen cabinet, we had no air flow when we started and had over 2086 Cubic Feet of air Per Minute when done.

Here are picture showing a dryer vent that was never piped to the out side but just left in a floor joist, this was just dumping lint and moisture into a ceiling. Getting 400 Cubic Feet Per Minute to the out side in air flow, when done we got 1416 Cubic Feet of air Per Minute an increase of 250% not to mention all the moisture and fire possibility.

look how blocked this vent is

Here we are looking into a vent that was “cleaned by another company”, it was completely clogged with no air flow at all, but when we where done we had 1397 Cubic Feet of air Per Minute of air flow, notice the water at the bottom of the vent.

Here some one ran an aluminum flex in a floor with plumbing (not to code), she had no air flow before we started and had 1712 Cubic Feet of air Per Minute when replaced with galvanized

Here we found a flex run in the ceiling and it was full of water and totally blocked, they had no air flow when we started and 1692 Cubic Feet of air Per Minute when we finished

Here is a roof dryer vent that some one used 4 screws to secure and they where totally blocking the vent causing the water build up in the previous picture

Another vent run in plastic that was never vented to the out side but just up into ceiling

Wrong way to run a flex