Chimney fire’s/problems in the news

Here is a list of some of the news articles I have found in the local news papers and TV, one was the Christmas day fire in Stamford , CT that took the life’s of 5 people this is so sad and our condolences go out to the family.

A link to the CSIA web page for addition info

Christmas Day chimney fire 12/25/17

Ash Dump, fire in Greenwich

Wood stove fire in Stamford 2/14/16

Chimney Fire in Greenwich 12/20/15

Carbon Monoxide in Stamford 10/27/15

Embers in Greenwich cause a fire

1/18/15 Carbon Monoxide close call

2/20/14 Greenwich Dryer Fire,

5/2/14 Here is what happened when some one hired a sweep after seeing their offer on

1/19/14, Impropperly Disposed of fireplace ashes cause a fire “Contractor endangered children”


1/27/13 Scammers hit New Canaan

Here is a report done by News 5 NY about a scammer sweep 1/23/13

Chimney fire in South Port, CT

Here is a very good “under cover sting” done by News 4 NY, their expert Ashley Eldridge is the educational instructor of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (I have met him personally on many occasions and he is one of the best sweeps I know) 10/12/12

Here is an article on “chimney care and inspections” 9/13/12

Norwalk chimney sweeper warns of scams” 5/23/12

Ashes fuel New Rochelle basement fire 2/29/12 this may have had a crack in the floor or dumped down the ash trap or the trap door was missing, never put ashes down an ash trap for at least a week after your last fire and be sure the embers are not hot.

Fireplace embers spark garden fire 2/24/12 this home owner had the right idea but should have waited several days before removing the ashes

Ashes from fireplace caused Greenwich mansion fire 1/18/12 Even after dosing with water the ashes remained hot enough to spark this fire.

5 dead in Christmas morning blaze 12/25/12 never remove ashes from the fireplace for at least a week or more to be 100% sure all embers are out and then remove the ashes to a metal container (metal garbage can) and away from the home and any structure.