Chimney Caps, Chase Pan Covers

Here is a new link to some higher end custom caps, if you see one you like just Email me the number and I will get you a price on them

Here is a Chimney top (chase pan) and old caps

Here is what it looked like afer we replaced the old with new Stainless Steel Chase Pan Cover (also available in copper) stopping a leak in his attic that required bucket removal very several hours during the rain.

Here is another Chase cover …

Chase Cover Before

Here is another Chase cover before (above) and after (below), no more leaks.

Chase Cover After

Here we found a big hole in the Chase Cover

The new cover in place, no more leaks

Stainless Steel Multi Flue Cap

With out caps


Seal Tite Top Mount damper caps, will help with negative pressure and if your damper is missing this will help solve that problem




Here it shows 2 Seal Tite damper caps to help prevent smoke from coming back down the other fireplace flue

Copper Caps





Copper Chase pan cover and new caps

Richie installing Custom Copper Caps from a Cherry Picker